Flow Control Valves

  • Working pressure 700 bar
  • ⅜" - 18 NPT connection ports
  • Ensures system safety and control

Flow Control Valves
Model Number Description
HM1C Manual shut off valve with needle type flow control. Used for load holding and throttling functions. Can also be used as a gauge isolator.
HFV66 Manual check valve used for automatic load locking with precise manual load lowering feature.
HPV152 Adjustable pressure relief valve for pressure setting from 55 to 700 bar. Supplied complete with return line hose.
HFV42 Pilot operated check valve used as a safety valve for double acting cylinders. Pilot port connects to cylinder retract line.

Model Number Dimensions in mm
Height Length Width
HM1C 82 64 38
HFV66 86 75 47
HPV152 102 64 32
HFV42 84 64 32