TWP-OG Range

The TWP-OG pistol grip, pneumatic torque multiplier, with integrated offset gearbox is designed to provide smooth, controllable bolt tightening operations, without impacting or pulsing. Offering a repeatable torque accuracy of +/-5%, this low noise, ultra lightweight tool, reduces operator fatigue, increases safety and ensures fast, consistently accurate tightening of bolted components. The powerful, but lightweight, reversible, pistol grip design air motor allows the tool to be used for tightening and loosening of bolts. The non-impacting design of the planetary gears ensures that there is minimum wear to sockets and bolted components. The high grade steel gearbox has a electro coated galvanized surface offering even greater corrosion protection and reduces the importance of lubrication in the gear box. All models are supplied complete with an airline pressure and lubrication control unit, in a handy carrying frame, with a 3 metre length connecting hose with quick connect couplings. Accurate preset and consistent torque repeatability is easily achieved by adjusting the input air pressure to the tool, in conjunction with the pressure table supplied with the tool. Average air consumption is 23 litres per second from a standard airline pressure of 8 Bar (49.5 cubic feet per minute at 116 PSI).

  • Torque capacities up to 4800 Nm
  • Repeatable accuracy of +/- 5%
  • Lightweight and durable construction
  • Offset gearbox specially designed for heat exchangers
  • Sensitive trigger control allows for easy reaction arm positioning
  • Two speed models available on request
  • Smooth, quiet, non-impacting design with reversible air motor
  • Supplied complete with FRL filter, regulator and lubricator unit including class 1.0 air inlet pressure gauge and connecting hose

Pistol Grip Pneumatic Torque Multipliers
Model No. Torque Capacity * R.P.M. at Max Pressure Weight kg Female Hexagon (E) Dimensions in mm
Nm lbf.ft A B C D
TWP30S-OG1 3000 2200 7 10 60 mm AF 396 88 112 61
TWP30S-OG2 3600 2650 5 12 80 mm AF 396 88 118 75
TWP30S-OG3 4800 3500 4 13 95 mm AF 396 88 135 95

(*) Maximum torque value at 8 Bar airline pressure