MHX Range

The Hi-Force MHX series of manually operated two speed hydrotest pumps are suitable for use in several applications including hydro-testing of pipes, pressure vessels, valves, and also back-up systems and other pressure retaining equipment, prior to commissioning. The pump's two stage piston design gives a high flow low pressure stage of 50 cm3 up to 50 bar pressure and incorporates a reliable smooth manual changeover from low to high pressure output.

The MHX range is available in 5 different pressure capacities ranging from 100 to 1000 bar working pressure and all models are fitted with a relief valve for added safety. Each pump is supplied with a multi positional 610 mm operating lever for increased operator comfort during use.

  • Choice of 5 models available
  • Maximum output pressures up to 1000 bar
  • Two stage displacement with manual T-Handle changeover plunger
  • Lightweight aluminium alloy pump unit with integral factory set safety relief valve
  • High grade stainless steel pistons for increased resistance to corrosion
  • Smooth manually operated 2-way pressure and release valve with precise control
  • Stainless steel, powder coated, 15 litres capacity reservoir with extended foot reaction bar
  • Multi-positional, 610 mm length operating lever with retaining washer and bolt
  • Optional 100 mm diameter hydraulic pressure gauges with fixing kit
  • Standard 3 metres length hose with swivel end fittings available as optional extra
  • Suitable for use with hydraulic mineral oil; demineralised, distilled and ‘filtered mains supplied’ water
  • For use with other fluids, consult Hi-Force as special seals may be required

Hydrotest pumps & accessories. Manually operated
Model Number (with reservoir) Working Pressure bar Displacement Per Stroke cm3 Changeover Pressure bar Outlet Port Weight with reservoir kg
1st stage 2nd stage
MHX100 100 50 22 50 3/8" NPT 20
MHX300 300 50 8 50 3/8" NPT 20
MHX500 500 50 4 50 3/8" NPT 20
MHX700 700 50 3 50 3/8" NPT 20
MHX1000 1000 50 2 50 3/8" BSP 20


Model Number Pressure Range bar
MHX100GK 110
MHX300GK 310
MHX500GK 552
MHX700GK 700
MHX1000GK 1000


Model Number Max. working pressure bar Length metres Weight kg End Fitting For Model Number
HH3-6NMS-1 up to 300 3 0.8 3/8" NPT Male Swivel MHX100 & MHX300
HH3-6NMS-2 up to 700 3 0.9 3/8" NPT Male Swivel MHX500 & MHX700
HH3-6NMS-3 1000 3 1.5 3/8" BSP Male Swivel MHX1000