Tool Rental

The Hi-Force philosophy of offering a complete service package to support our valued customers needs and requirements also extends to tool rental services. With an extensive array of products available within the Hi-Force range, it is sometimes difficult for our customers to decide on the most suitable tool in which to invest their money. Additionally, with our higher value products like high tonnage cylinders, powered pumps, hydraulic wrenches, stud bolt tensioners and hydrotest pumps, many clients simply cannot justify the high capital outlay to purchase, especially in cases where their needs for the product are relatively short term or even simply for a one off job. In some cases annual budget restraints also make it difficult to get purchase expenditure approval even though there is a definite requirement for the tools. 

Hi-Force actively encourages and promotes its tool rental services package, both at Regional Offices and at distributor locations worldwide. Unlike our competitors who believe that tool rental business reduces product sales, we at Hi-Force believe it actually increases them!

Many of our customers worldwide, who have purchased Hi-Force products, initially took the opportunity to “try out” both our product quality and our level of service support via tool rental. Once satisfied, these same customers became, brand loyal purchasers of Hi-Force products on a regular basis.

An additional benefit of maintaining a comprehensive fleet of rental tools at our Regional Offices and distributors' locations is that users can easily request on-site demonstrations, using rental tools at short notice, or even utilise our rental services whilst having their own equipment serviced or repaired. In most industries, the biggest drain on profits is the cost to the company of maintenance and shutdown activities. Hi-Force tool rental is available at very short notice and helps ensure that production recommences as quickly as possible without any unnecessary delays.

Hi-Force tool rental is available on both short and long term basis and all equipment provided is guaranteed, tested and certified prior to mobilisation to site.

Hi-Force is also able to offer reliable on-site bolting, lifting and jacking services utilising the high-quality tools from our extensive rental fleet combined with the expertise and experience of our trained personnel. We have a proven track record in the successful delivery of projects across the range of sectors we work in and have been honoured to receive verbal and written testimonials from satisfied customers verifying the excellent performance of our tools and operators as well as our unblemished on-site safety record.