On-Site Lifting & Jacking

Hi-Force is able to offer an on-site lifting and jacking service, utilising Hi-Force high tonnage cylinders, pumps and accessories. Past projects completed include bridge lifting, cantilever and steel structures weighing and a wide variety of lift and shift applications.

Our record and past experience of working with many major multi-national companies is second to none and our personnel have established an excellent reputation for meeting and beating critical time deadlines, even in the most demanding conditions. Our on-site personnel have received many verbal and written testimonials for their excellent performance and further details can be provided on request. Hi-Force is very proud of its reputation for carrying out efficient, safe, competitively priced on-site jobs, within budgeted costs and specified and critical time periods.

Major customer industries include oil and gas, petrochemicals and refining, power generation, shipbuilding and ship repair, cement plants, civil and mechanical construction and major maintenance activities.