CT Range

The CT self-contained cutters from Hi-Force are extremely versatile and built to handle industrial-grade materials in heavy engineering, construction, mining, manufacturing and many other industries.

Fitted with high quality steel cutting blades, the CT models can cut a variety of materials including steel wire ropes, round bars, wire strands and cables up to 1.58 inches diameter. The CT self-contained cutters are compact and lightweight, and feature ergonomic grip handles to minimize operator fatigue.

  • Cutting capacity up to 1.58 inches diameter
  • Cuts a wide variety of materials
  • Compact and lightweight
  • High quality tool steel cutting blades
  • Incorporates an integral hydraulic pump for easy operation
  • Ergonomic grip handles for reduced operator effort
  • Suitable for cutting steel wire rope, round bar, wire strands and cable

Self-contained hydraulic cutters
Model Number Cutting Force tons Weight lbs Dimensions in inch
CT20 5.5 6.2 15.37 5.71 2.99 1.58
CT40 8 13.2 22.06 6.11 4.06 2.56

Material Description Maximum diameter cutting capacity in inch
CT20 CT40
Steel Wire Rope 6x7 Hempcore 0.63 0.79
6x12 Hempcore 0.79 0.99
6x19 Hempcore 0.79 0.99
Round Bar Soft copper bar 0.79 0.99
Soft aluminum bar 0.79 0.99
Soft steel bar (below SS41) 0.63 0.63
Wire Strands Bare copper strands 0.79 1.58
Bare aluminum strands 0.79 1.58
Cable Armored underground cable 0.79 1.58