JS Range

The JS4 hydraulic spreader is the ideal solution for spreading, wedging and prising operations in a wide variety of industrial applications. The compact, low weight, spring assisted return design enables the tool to fit into a gap of 0.51 inches and offers a maximum spread of 3.31 inches.

Manufactured from high strength steel, with a maximum pressure of 10000 psi, the JS4 is supplied fitted with a quick connect female half coupler, and can be used with HP110 manual hand pump and HC hose.

  • Capacity 1 ton
  • Maximum spread 3.31 inches
  • Working pressure 10000 psi

Jaw Spreader
Model Number Capacity Tons Oil Capacity inch3 Weight lbs Dimensions in inch
JS4 1 0.61 4.9 9.22 0.51 3.31