Tool Boxes

Hi-Force offers users a choice of four tool box models that can be used for storing and transporting Hi-Force products and accessories. These tool boxes are of strong durable steel construction and have an anti-corrosion powder coating making them resistant to rust and abrasion and hence suitable for long term use at on-site locations, workshops and service centers.

Available in lengths of 24.43 to 43.34 inches, these lockable tool boxes help control authorized tool usage, maintain tool integrity and protect them in harsh environments.

  • Metal storage and transport box
  • Width up to 19.7 inches
  • Strong durable steel construction

Model Number Weight lbs Length inch Width inch Height inch
MSB2 21.4 24.43 13.4 5.79
MSB4 30.4 34.48 11.03 9.85
MSB6 35.9 28.37 19.7 9.85
MSB8 67.2 43.34 19.7 9.85