Leak Free Connections of Bolted Joints

Leak Free Connections of Bolted Joints with Hi-Force Bolting Tools

Hi-Force was contracted to supervise and certify leak free bolt tightening of 17,000 bolted joints at a refinery in Bulgaria, through authorized Bulgarian distributor, Euromarket.

Hi-Force Global Head of Bolting, Patrick Wright, delivered the approved Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) Mechanical Joint Integrity (MJI) 10, 18 & 19 training courses to the bolting specialists as well as supplied them with bolt load and bolt stress calculations for all on-site mechanical joints to assist them with their scope of work.

The client purchased several Hi-Force bolting equipment to carry out the bolting works which included; TWS-N and TWH-N hydraulic torque wrenches, TPA and TPE torque wrench pumps, hand torque wrenches, torque multipliers, sockets, ratchet heads, STS hydraulic bolt tensioners, bolt tensioning pumps and hoses and other accessories. 

The Hi-Force team remained on site throughout the entire process from start up of the refinery and until hand over to the refinery’s owners, and in total recorded 13,680 hours of onsite supervision to ensure 100% leak free bolting was achieved. The Hi-Force team also provided full Flange Management data records to assist with future on-site maintenance at the refinery.