Synchronous Lifting of a Road Bridge

Hi-Force HSS cylinders, 8-way split flow pump and centralised PLC system assist with synchronous lifting of new road bridge 

The Fourth Road Bridge Company (FCBC) contacted Speedy Services, Hi-Force’s authorized distributor, for a controlled method of lifting 135 road sections and positioning them, for construction of the new road bridge project. Each section weighed 16 tonnes and had to be lifted 220mm before the cement was added to the top of the road section. Once the concrete had set and successfully passed a stress test, the road section then had to be lowered so the self-propelled modular transporters can move in and take them away.

After several discussions and assessing their requirements, Speedy Services along with Hi-Force offered FCBC the 8-way, single acting split flow pump with a centralized PLC Control System, with the capability to ensure the cylinders would lift simultaneously, regardless of the loading on each cylinder, in a synchronized manner. This was the first 8-way split flow pump with a PLC Control System that Hi-Force had ever manufactured and sold.

8 14.5 tonne HSS single acting multipurpose cylinders were also supplied for the job and Hi-Force also sent an engineer to site to perform the first lifts and offer training on the pump operation to the onsite engineers.