Plant shutdown maintenance works in Slovakia

Following the successful commissioning of an ammonia production facility in Slovakia and the excellent support offered by Hi-Force throughout the duration of the project, the client contracted Hi-Force Limited to provide supervisors and equipment to oversee the shutdown workscopes. Narimex who are the authorised distributor for Hi-Force in Slovakia, were contracted to supply manpower and equipment to cover the planned maintenance scopes within the shutdown.

The work scope mainly covered standard ANSI class flanges however the critical path work scope consisted of a cooler with 56 x 3¼” stud bolts. On arrival at site and after initial investigations, the Hi-Force Bolting team identified that the flange in question had been leaking with steam/product. 
When the team tried to apply the bolt tensioners, it soon became apparent that the threads/stud bolts were in poor condition and cleaning and lubrication of the stud bolts was required.

The Hi-Force Bolting team immediately suggested a new method of release be employed to avoid any accidents as well as ensure the maintenance works continued safely and quickly. The client implemented the new procedures on site, and the bolting operations gained momentum.

A Hi-Force low profile hexagon torque wrench was mobilised to site, and after much effort owing to the possible contamination of the stud bolts from the process or leaks, the girth flange was loosened. It was also noticed that during the torqueing procedure, sparks were seen flying off from the threaded area between the bolt and nut.

The shutdown works at the production facility were completed successfully and to the satisfaction of the client. In addition to complimenting the Hi-Force Bolting team on the outstanding work and support offered during the project, the client also commented on the excellent quality of the tools used to complete the maintenance works that included a range of hydraulic bolt tensioners, low profile hexagon hydraulic torque wrenches, backup wrenches, flange spreaders, torque wrench and bolt tensioning pumps and several accessories.