Customised 1012 tonne capacity cylinders


Hi-Force Limited recently undertook its largest lift project to date as part of a supply contract to the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR). 

The contract involved the supply of twenty pieces of custom-manufactured 1012 tonne lifting capacity cylinders, four customized 700 Bar pressure rated Split Flow Pump units, a PLC Control System and over 1.2km of high pressure hydraulic hose, all combined to create a precise jacking system capable of lifting 16,192 metric tonnes (using 16 cylinders, 4 pieces spare) to a maximum height of 900mm.  

The demand for this system was brought about by SOCAR’s requirement to lift a deepwater jacket measuring 151 metres in length and 80 metres in width in order that they could carry out some vital maintenance to the skidding system upon which the jacket was positioned, prior to it being mobilised offshore, in the Caspian Sea.