ECITB Mechanical Joint Integrity

Hi-Force is an ECITB (Engineering Construction Industry Training Board) licensed training provider committed to delivering Mechanical Joint Integrity (MJI) training courses that adhere to industry standards and best practices. These courses cater specifically to personnel involved in mechanical joint integrity and flange management activities, ensuring their competency is in line with industry guidelines and client-specific requirements.

Hi-Force takes pride in our trainers’ extensive technical knowledge and practical experience. With years of “hands-on” expertise in several industries and applications involving bolted joint technology, our trainers are qualified to deliver exceptional training and are fully proficient in utilizing various mechanical and high-pressure hydraulic tools during the training sessions. They also possess the necessary theoretical and practical expertise to conduct the required Technical Testing (TMJI) as mandated by the ECITB, ensuring delegates receive their completion certificates upon meeting the course requirements.

At Hi-Force, we offer flexible training options to cater to different learning preferences. In addition to instructor-led on-site training at our global training centres, we provide e-Learning and blended learning Mechanical Joint Integrity courses. The e-Learning course is delivered through an interactive online platform, allowing delegates to access the training material and complete the modules at their own pace. Upon successful completion of the online course, delegates will receive an e-Learning Certificate issued by Hi-Force.

The blended learning is a two-part training course, the first part being the e-Learning course followed by a face-to-face practical training session. Delegates who have completed the e-Learning course and received the e-Learning Certificate can proceed to the practical component, which includes a one-day on-site training and assessment session at the Hi-Force training centre. This allows delegates to apply their knowledge in a controlled environment under the guidance of experienced Hi-Force instructors, ensuring competence in mechanical joint integrity practices.

At Hi-Force, health and safety are of paramount importance as we continuously strive to enhance the competence levels of personnel in the bolting industry, aiming to minimize the potential risk of accidents or incidents whenever possible. We are also capable of developing and providing training courses tailored to client specifications and can offer advice on applicable industry standards. Please contact your regional Hi-Force office or local Hi-Force distributor for more details.

ECITB Mechanical Joint Integrity