Bolting Works at a Gas Compressor Station

Hi-Force group owned Italian distributor, Protec Srl, was contracted by a client to carry out bolt torqueing and tensioning works at a gas compressor station in Italy.

The scope of work included opening up of 32” DN600 flanges, cleaning of the lines and closing them back up. Three technicians from Protec Srl carried out the job using the Hi-Force range of bolting tools such as TWH120N hydraulic torque wrench, TWH120NRH95 ratchet head and STS4-250B1 set of bolt tensioners, and applied load calculations to open and tighten the flanges were obtained using the flange management software. The bolting works were successfully completed in 3 days and the pressure testing of the flanges was carried out to ensure they were 100% leak free.