Hi-Force announces the 2021-22 Business Partner Award winners

14 Jul 2022

Hi-Force’s distributor network spans across more than 100 countries and each year, they are recognised and celebrated for effort and achievements in promoting Hi-Force products worldwide. 

Each distributor competes in the ‘Highest Revenue of the Year’ award as well as the 'Distributor of the Year' award, which is based on achieving, and often surpassing, agreed revenue targets between Hi-Force and the competing distributor. 

Throughout the year, Hi-Force updates those competing via a monthly leadership board showing where they each rank within the competition, with the results of the final three months kept confidential, ahead of the Gold, Silver and Bronze award winners being announced.

We are also fortunate to celebrate so many of our distributors achieving or surpassing their agreed target throughout the year, as well as many being incredibly close to achieving it, despite the challenges each have faced in their respective markets. Congratulations and thank you to all members of our valued distributor network. 

The 2021-22 competition was one of the most tightly contested in years, with the top three positions in both categories changing hands numerous times throughout the year. Remarkably, this year we also named our Gold Award Winner for both categories as Wanawake Industrial Supplies Limited of South Africa, who are the second partner in our history to win the gold award across both categories. 

Below are the award winners for the 2021-22 competition.

2021-22 Hi-Force Distributor of the Year:

Gold: Wanawake Industrial Supplies Limited - South Africa
Silver: Hytor A/S - Denmark
Bronze: Dongtay Trading and Investment Corporation - Vietnam

2021-22 Highest Revenue of the Year Award winners:

Gold: Wanawake Industrial Supplies Limited - South Africa
Silver: JMS for Trade & Engineering - Egypt
Bronze: Intratool - Russia

Congratulations to this year’s worthy winners and to all Hi-Force partners who have achieved great results throughout the competition period. 

Hi-Force 2021- 2022 business partner awards


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