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Training in the Safe and Correct Use of Hydraulic Tools

30 Mar 2016

Hi-Force has been providing training course in the safe and proper application, use, operation, service, maintenance and repair of hydraulic tools for many years. In 2013, engineering construction industry training board (ECITB) approved training courses were added to the offering. 

Due to the risk associated with high pressure hydraulic tools, and the harsh or high risk environments they are often operated in, Hi-Force emphasizes the importance of knowing how to operate all Hi-Force equipment safely, as well as recognize potential hazards in the areas where the tools are being operated.

Hi-Force training facilities are equipped with a classroom, practical product training area and practical service and repair training area. These facilities, combined with the expertise of Hi-Force’s approved trainers, ensure that employees, business partners and end users have access to a first class education in the high pressure hydraulic tools industry. Training courses can be held at selected Hi-Force training schools worldwide, or subject to inspection, held at external locations.

Health and safety is of paramount importance to Hi-Force, as we continuously strive to not only maintain the levels of competence of personnel in the industry, but to further develop and improve these levels in order to reduce the potential risk of accidents or incidents wherever possible.

Training the safe and correct use of hydraulic tools