ACP Range

The ACP heavy duty, auto-centering hydraulic puller kit range offers a choice of 4 models, with capacities from 10 to 50 tonnes. All models are supplied  complete with a detachable hollow ram cylinder, manually operated pump, hydraulic hose and a 100 mm diameter pressure gauge. All models are easy to set up and are the ideal tool for all pulling, pushing, installing and removing applications required for press fitted or heat fitted parts, including wheels, sprockets, flywheels, gears and bearings.

  • Capacities from 10 to 50 tonnes
  • Quick set-up time, easy to use
  • High quality, drop forged steel components

Auto-centre hydraulic puller kits
Model Number Capacity tonnes Type of Puller Cylinder Model Pump Model Weight kg
ACP10 10 2 & 3-way jaw HHS102 HP110 24.5
ACP20 20 3-way jaw HHS202 HP110 44.0
ACP30 30 3-way jaw HHS302 HP110 76.5
ACP50 50 3-way jaw HHS603 HP227 181.0

Model Number Dimensions in mm
A B min B max
ACP10 296 50 350
ACP20 320 70 480
ACP30 407 90 580
ACP50 727 120 920