HBR Range

The Hi-Force HBR-1 spring eye bush replacement tool kit is offered with a choice of manual or air powered hydraulic pump unit, or it can be supplied without a pump, should the user already have a suitable 700 bar pump available. All models offer a superb 18 tonnes of hydraulic power, when operated at the maximum working pressure of 700 bar, and incorporate a standard Hi-Force HHA182 lightweight, aluminium hydraulic cylinder making the kit portable and easy to fit to a wide variety of bush replacement applications.

The HBR-1 range is primarily targeted at commercial vehicle manufacturers and service centres, as well as heavy plant vehicle workshops, where traditional hammer and heat methods of bush replacement activities have proved unsafe, time consuming and costly. Supplied in a metal storage case for easy transportation and storage, all kits include a range of standard tooling with non standard and special tooling available on request.

  • Powerful 18 tonnes output capacity
  • Maximum working pressure 700 bar
  • Lightweight and compact design

Model Number Capacity tonnes Stroke mm Complete set comprising of Weight kg
Cylinder Pump Hose Base plate Threaded rods Dolleys Pull sleeves
HBR-1 18 51 HHA182 n/a n/a 1 3 5 2 27
HBR-1H 18 51 HHA182 HP212 HC2 1 3 5 2 33
HBR-1A 18 51 HHA182 AHP1120 HC2 1 3 5 2 35